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Author Talk: Ken Polke

Author Talk: Ken Polke In-Person

Dr. Ken Polke--former quarterback for the Cleveland Browns--will be here to discuss his book "Conquering Your Adversities: From Mafia Controlled Streets to The NFL and Ultimately Becoming a Successful Doctor" (currently in development as a motion picture).

As one book critic has so appropriately pointed out, “the Ken Polke Story found in the new book “CONQUERING YOUR ADVERSITIES”; makes the
movie “RUDY” look like a fairy tale”. Ken grew up in a tough neighborhood on the Eastside of Cleveland known as Collinwood.
Collinwood was depicted in the true story turned into the movie “KILL THE IRISHMAN” starring Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken , Paul Sorvino
and Vincent D’Onofrio. This neighborhood became known as Bomb City, USA during the 1950’s and 1960’s because of the Mafia car bombings
and racial riots. As a youth Ken saw people all around him struggling and in some rare instances even dying. He watched his working class
parents literally work there fingers to the bone to provide for him and his three siblings. And he watched neighborhood kids turn to a life of
organized crime so they could possess fancy cars and beautiful women.

At times the lure of organized crime appealed to Ken as well but with the support of loving parents, a Catholic school education and a belief in
his own athletic abilities, Ken learned how to conquer his own adversities and make a successful life for himself first through playing
professional football with the Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland Browns and then owning a successful dental practice.

Now in “CONQUERING YOUR ADVERSITIES” Ken shares his life story of how he succeeded. But while it is his story, his purpose in writing is to
help you succeed in your life.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
6:30pm - 8:00pm
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The Robert S Morrison Foundation Room
Ashtabula Public Library
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